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P5 Jungle Sale!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make our bake sale such a big success! We managed to raise an incredible £291.10 and had lots of fun in the process! Well done P5!

jungle sale


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The layers of the rainforest!

This week we have been learning about the rainforest as a habitat and how it is made up of layers, each with its own variety of plant and animal life. We designed and then made these rainforest terrariums, in teams, using different materials to create the perfect environment for any rainforest creature!

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The rainforest comes to P5!

A large bag arrived in our room with some clues about our next topic. We took turns to pull the items out of the bag and discuss what we thought we knew about each one. Here are some of the things we said:

‘The rainforest is just like a big forest but with loads of animals.’

‘People can’t survive there because it’s far too dangerous.’

‘It is really hot there because it’s so sunny but it rains a lot too.’

‘It has so many bugs that some of them are still unknown.’

During our Rainforest topic, we will be exploring these ideas further and asking the class what they would like to find out and how they would like to learn.

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Arrietty comes to tea!

We have been learning about healthy foods and balanced meals. We learned about the five food groups and how much of each food type our body needs. We imagined that the main character from our class novel, Arrietty, was coming to Tollcross for tea. We used the internet to research healthy recipes and designed our own healthy, balanced meal for Arrietty to enjoy. We brought these little dishes to life using fimo clay – don’t they look tasty!

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The day P5 were shrunk…

There were some strange goings on in the classroom this week… we found a tiny shoe and a small envelope addressed to the ‘Human Beans’.  The letter contained a secret spell which shrunk us down to the size of a Borrower. We took our miniature selves on an adventure around the room to gain some first hand experience of what it must be like to be a borrower living in a human world…IMG_0374

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A whole new world!

We have been exploring the world of The Borrowers through our new class novel. Primary 5 were set the task of becoming a Borrower by using some everyday objects, found around the room, to create something a Borrower might find useful. They worked  in small teams to create some super inventions from mini swinging chairs, bunk beds and clothing lines to Borrower-sized scooters and aeroplanes! They excelled themselves in this miniature challenge and we can’t wait to find out more about the world beneath the floorboards…