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Our Little Inventors!

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We have been using our scientific knowledge, creativity and collaborative skills for our enterprise topic this term. Our class worked in teams to invent, produce and market toys for younger pupils. Our design brief was to include electric and magnetic components in them. Thank you to our Primary 3 clients!
Everyone met the design brief successfully and may be headhunted by multinational corporations any day now…

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Electrifying Learning!

This term we have been studying electricity. We have completed circuits and carried out experiments to explore electrical energy.

Here are some links to find out more about this topic.

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Our Marvellous Mural!

After lots of hard work our friends at Edinburgh College of Art have produced the most beautiful mural in the world for our very own playground! Initially, a marketing team gathered the pupils’ ideas and explored their preferences for colours and themes.

Then they used this ‘client input’ to create these fabulous paintings now displayed in our school garden.

Dear Tollcross Parent Council
Thank you for fundraising and coordinating this project which has made such a difference to our playground. We love it and really enjoyed taking part!
from Primary 4. x

Follow this link to view an article in The Edinburgh Reporter about our marvellous mural.

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Time for Maths!

This week we have started a topic about clocks and time.
Here are some games for practising this area of maths.

Telling the time-
Matching Analaogue and Digital Times
Finding the Correct Times-
Durations of Time-

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Our Open Class Art Lesson!

Thank you to all the parents who visited our class today and joined in with our lesson about Joan Eardley. We started by thinking about who and what are most often the subject of art…why might this be?
We learned about using rich colours and strong lines to convey texture in buildings or emotions in portraits.

Here is our amazing gallery of Joan Eardley inspired artwork!

A wonderful exhibition of Joan Eardley’s work is on now at the Gallery of Modern Art.